nupi smartflex pipes waterjet cut into sections

Some Nupi smartflex pipes were waterjet cut into sections so the special welded joints could be examined and then they were used as a demonstration set of pipe for customers to see how the Nupi electro-fusion weld system worked.
We had some Single-walled pipes and double-walled pipes as well as some joints waterjet cut.
The Nupi Smartflex pipes are a special pipe system for the fuel industry. They are joined by a special electro-fusion welding process.
By splitting the joints in half like this the joints could be closely inspected to make sure the Electro welding process was working as intended as well as giving our customer a sample set of pipes to show their customers having a new pipe system installed on their petrol fuel courts.

nupi smartflex pipes waterjet cut into sections

The image above shows some pipes that we were given to cut, they were marked with a white line where our customer wanted the cuts to be. We set up some special jigs to hold the pipe assemblies during the cutting process and the resultant cuts are shown in the image below.

nupi smartflex pipes waterjet cut into sections after cutting
nupi smartflex double walled pipe split in two

Above and below you can see the cut pipes, showing the electro-fusion welded joints and internal workings

nupi smartflex pipe waterjet cut in half
nupi smartflex pipe split in two close up of welded joint

This image shows a close-up of the electro-fusion weld where the waterjet cut goes right through it.
You can see the small copper wires that are in each joint which were cut right through.