Safire Water jet T/A Safire Associates has an office based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Originally Safire Waterjet was the material-cutting division of Safire Associates an engineering business in Southampton.
Safire re-structured the business in 2023 so that we could better serve our clients and offer more varied services as well as enabling us to take on more work.

Safire sold off the waterjet cutting assets and facilities and now offers our waterjet cutting skills and expertise as consultants, problem solvers, help, and trainers.

How can we help

As professional and highly skilled Waterjet cutting experts, we offer our services as; Consultancy, advice, training, support, and problem-solving with any waterjet-related projects, problems, and work. As well as the procurement of waterjet cut parts and items through our associates.

We can help to fulfill the requirements for corporate, industrial, and scientific clients, Mod and its suppliers, artists, designers, and inventors as well as the general public.
As engineers with water jet cutting skills and expertise, which gives us an edge as we think outside the box and offer good problem-solving and design solutions as well as using our associates for our cutting solutions.

We have and utilize cutting-edge computer-aided design software and highly skilled engineers offering unbeatable quality, service, and experience.

Please contact us to discuss your Water jet cutting requirement, concepts, and designs or for more information.

Safire Associates

Safire Water jet T/A Safire Associates, an engineering, design, and consultancy company that offers Solutions to problems.