pyrite vice inlay

Marble tile carrier

Pyrite mineral set in resin

Black resin

What is the pyrite infill? The pyrite came to us as a finished tile and is made in India, the Pyrite mineral (which is fools gold)  is set in resin on a marble backing, then the top surface is ground and polished, revealing a unique and gorgeous finish

One offs, specials and high quality work from Safire:

A machined brass vice fitting with a Waterjet profiled Pyrite inset.

Brass plate machined from the front

Brass plate machined from the back

Note the sharp internal corners from the milling process

Combined Waterjet and machining:-

This is a good in-site into the quality of our work, we were commissioned to produce this one off feature part for a display piece of our clients work. As High end furniture makers they wanted to show off their ability, quality and some fine materials. We machined the front jaw of this vice out of a solid block of brass, it measures 300mm x 150mm x 38mm. The brass was machined on all faces, then machine on the front to a depth of 17mm leaving a thin boarder of 3mm all round, Note the sharp internal corners on the full internal depth that were very difficult to produce. We then water jet cut the pyrite slab which is a very awkward and unstable material to cut which is also a very expensive. This was cut to a very fine tolerance for a perfect fit.

This is a one off specialised high quality job, We offer a wide range of services and abilities, please have a look at our Safire website for more information on machining.

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pyrite tile composition detail sharp 90 degree internal corners machined into brass plate machined brass plate for vice front brass machined vice from the rear
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