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Tag Heuer Logo set in ceramic stone floor:

This Tag Heuer Logo in-laid into the ceramic Stone tiled floor at the entrance of Beaverbrookes jewelers store in Leeds, was produced by us for a specialist flooring company.
We were sent the detailed cad files and artwork from the architect, we then transformed the sent files into a workable design and programmed our machines so we could produce the close fitting parts required in the design brief of the job.
Normally designs of mosaics, floor art, floor logos etc.. have a grout line around any fitting parts which can make it a lot easier for the parts to be made and installed but in high quality installations such as this one a “hairline” fit was required for the best looks for the job. We waterjet cut the Stainless steel from 10mm plate and the 10mm thick ceramic tiles to a very close fitting tolerance which is displayed further down this web page.

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© Copyright 2011 safire associates
brushed stainless steel letters in stone floor thick stainless steel letters in floor stainess steel letter t in ceramic tile metal letters in floor tag heuer shield in stainless steel

Tag Heuer Logo inlaid in shop floor entrance

The Tag Heuer Logo inserted with a fine tolerance fit into a stone tile floor:

This case study has been created to give you an idea of the quality we work to on stainless steel logo inserts into stone ceramic tiles.
You will see on this page the fine tolerance and care of our work which is important when working to fine tolerance fits with logo inserts especially where hard stainless steel is to be inserted into fragile stone ceramics as until the stone ceramic tiles are bonded in place they are very fragile and prone to chipping and cracking, if the fit is not calculated perfectly then when inserted they could catch and jam against the ceramic stone edges and any force could then chip or crack the ceramic stone tiles and if the tolerance is not worked out properly then the fit could be uneven which would mean unsightly gaps around the inserted logo.

Fine detailing on the Tag Heuer Logo  ceramic stone floor tile insert:

This displays the fine detail of this project up close. You can see the Stainless steel letters and stainless steel engraved shield, these were waterjet cut from 10mm thick stainless steel plate.  The ceramic stone tiles were also cut with our waterjet cutting process enabling the logo to be inserted into the tiles like a jigsaw puzzle. The top surface of each logo letter and the logo shield were brushed finished with a vertical grain brush direction.
The tiles themselves were to be laid on the floor with a 2mm wide grout line between the ceramic stone tiles. You can see where the tile joints are on the “T” of Tag and the “u” of heuer, this demonstrate’s how the logo continued uninterrupted across the three ceramic stone tiles.  When placing a logo across ceramic stone floor tiles in this way a lot of care is required with the handling of the ceramic stone floor tiles that have cuts across their joints as these areas can be particularly weak until they are installed on the floor. Once they have been bedded on the floor with adhesive they gain their full strength. The shield needed to be engraved with the fine detail, this was no problem as we have 3 axis cnc milling machine facilities and cad/cam software, which enables us to program the detailing on computer so that we are in total control of what is to be detail engraved into the surface of the brushed stainless steel shield.

Tag heuer inset in steps

Final fitting of the Tiles:

Once my customer received the ceramic stone tiles and the stainless steel logo insert, they installed them into the shop entrance floor on the top step, this picture shows the floor laying in progress

A beautiful Logo entrance to the shop premises:

This Stainless steel Tag Heuer logo insert was produced by us for the Tag Heuer boutique in Beaverbrooks jewellers in Leeds making a stunning entrance to the shop with impacting product advertising.

Why not enhance the entrance to your shop or business with your company or product logo set into the floor

stainless steel Logo inlay at the Tag Boutique entrance leeds a beautiful entrance at beaverbrooks jewellers leeds designer logo set in ceramic stone tile floor