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coffee shop 8 logo shop front sign coffee shop 8 logo sign during the day coffee shop 8 logo sign at night machined oak deep engraving Oak and steel logo sign board

The Coffee Shop 8 logo sign board:

The coffee shop 8 sign board was produced for a coffee shop located in a marina based on the river Hamble in Hampshire. The brief was to take the Oak back board that our customer had produced themselves in their boat making facility in the marina. We then engraved the deep cut engraving “coffee shop” into the oak and produced the steel number 8 and GPS position plate. The steel work was waterjet cut out of thick steel plate and then machined on the back to discreetly hide the LED lighting that we installed into the sign for them.

During the day the sign looked great and still had a back light glow but at night the sign changed and had a great glowing effect around the steel work.

Coffee Shop 8 logo shop front sign

Oak cafe sign led lit LED back lit steel sign deep engraved text in oak

The back board was custom  made by our customer as they had their own craftsmen that do the joinery on their boat building. Made from solid Oak it was a substantial base to work from.

The first thing we did was to deep engrave the “coffee shop” element into the oak sign. This was a bit of a task as the oak back board sign measured 1200mm x 800mm and I had to fit it on my cnc milling machine in two setups to get the engraved text to fit and cut as required.

Shown above you can see the full oak back board after the deep engraving had been done on our cnc milling machine, the solid oak sign back board which  measured 1200mm x 800mm and over 70mm in height also weighed a substantial amount.

Pictured on the right is a close up of the deep engraving.
Oak is a very hard wood and a good quality cutter must be used also the correct speeds and feeds on the machine process to obtain a high degree of finish and a quality job. After we machined the deep engraved text the cut edges were rubbed lightly with a sand paper to finish the sharp edges.

In the test layout shown above you can see the logo sign taking shape the steel work had been completed and sandblasted ready for painting.

We painted the steel elements with an acid etch primer and top coated in gloss black.

Shown on the right hand picture you can see the latitude / longitude plate after painting just having the LED lighting fitted into the machined recesses in the steel plate.

The steel elements  on the Coffee shop 8 sign were waterjet cut from thick steel plate, this gave a lovely crisp defined shape and the latitude / longitude plate which had much smaller detailed text cut from it was clearly defined from the waterjet cutting process . After waterjet cutting the steel elements were machined to take the LED lighting and drilled and tapped to take the stand off studs that were screwed into the back of the steel plates.

Coffee shop 8 logo sign installed outside the cafe

This sign really sets the scene outside the cafe, “Coffee shop 8” now stands out in the marina and attracts a lot of customers for their fresh coffee and snacks. The sign looks great during the day with a nice subtle glow from the back lit LED lighting and at night it really stands out as we used a really good bright LED lighting source.

A truly beautiful sign to the entrance of Coffee Shop 8’s entrance!