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There are many sign makers that can offer economical low cost solutions to your signage needs and in general they will use vinyl stickers cut out with vinyl cutting machines, with Safire we are engineers that can conceptualise and design what you want using a wide range of materials and we can produce the work from start to finish all in house with our wide range of facilities, working in a variety of materials and finishes offering you something a bit different and to high standards.
This web page has been created to display some of the work and projects we have done for a variety of clients

What can we do for you?

At Safire we can produce your sign or Logo to high quality standards in a variety of materials, all in house here in Southampton England
beaverbrooks entrance stainless steel floor logo in Tag Boutique leeds audi logo inlaid into coffee table top coffee shop 8 led sign themed steel sign for town quay park

Tag Heuer Logo inserted across 3 ceramic tiles:

This Tag heuer logo was set in the entrance floor to the Beaverbrooks jewelers shop in Leeds for a new Tag Boutique, we were supplied the ceramic tiles and performed the specialist logo work for the tile fitting company. The ceramic tiles were each 600mm square and 10mm thick, the Stainless steel Logo was waterjet cut from 10mm thick stainless steel, brush finished and inserted into the ceramic tiles across the 1800mm wide entrance. For the best looks the joint line between the stainless steel logo and the ceramic was set to the absolute minimum amount for the perfect fit. We also engraved the shield with the fine detailing required.
If you would like to know more about this project please click here or on the tag heuer logo  picture above , where you will find a detailed explanation of the project.

enterance to coffee shop 8 logo sign

Coffee shop 8 sign with LED back light:

Coffee shop 8 had a sign mostly created by us at safire, the back board supplied by our customer was manufactured in solid oak, we machined the coffee shop detail in the the oak with a nice deep engraving, then using our waterjet cutting process we cut the “8” and the coordinates from thick steel plate which forms their company logo, the steel parts had recesses machined in the back to take LED lighting which we supplied and fitted to the metalwork, this gave a nice bright backlit glow to the logo features that stood off the front of the oak board. The sign was then finished by our customer as they had their own wood workers who applied wax finishing and in-filled the machined logo that was in the oak back board.
If you would like to see this in more detail please click here on on the coffee shop logo in the picture.

Town Quay Park themed silhouette sign:

As part of a community project we were commissioned to produce this themed silhouette sign for Town Quay Park on the waterfront in Southampton. We were supplied the artwork by the artist which we manipulated so it would cut well and then the design was waterjet cut from 6mm thick steel plate. The sign was finished with sand blasting and powder coating and it was installed by the local council.
If you would like to see this in more detail please click here or on the steel silhouette sign in the picture.

Audi logo set in show coffee table

Audi Logo inlaid into on a coffee table top:

An Audi Logo water jet cut from aluminium sheet  which was then inlaid into the coffee table top by our customer for a show piece.

enterance to town quay park silhouette sign Logo in Tag Boutique entrance at beaverbrooks jewellers leeds
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